20 October, 2018 (All day)

The missions last 5 days and are composed of market-specific business seminars, group company visits, one-on-one meetings at a targeted trade fair with showcase and networking events to maximize opportunities for the EU participants. In addition, the missions provide EU clusters the opportunity to benchmark with the Japanese ones during a dedicated cluster session.

The missions facilitate the first contact that could be the door leading to new business opportunities.

  • Gain knowledge about market structure, sector analysis, Japanese business culture and policy etc;
  • Identify relevant key contacts (decision makers, R&D centres, potential business partners etc);
  • Establish relationships with potential partners (trade and technology);
  • Benefit from face-to-face meetings leading to possible business opportunities;

For EU clusters and their SMEs' members working in the targeted sector.
For EU SME in the targeted sector that are not part of a cluster.
The missions are addressed to clusters and network organisations which select one SME that they consider the most mature to participate in the mission and that presents the highest potential for cooperation in the context of this event.
Small and Medium sized Enterprises that are not part of a cluster can also attend the mission.

The 2-day orientation session and the lecture (Tokyo)
Group company visit (Tokyo area)
Plenary session with clusters and authorities
3-days as exhibitors at a targeted trade fair 
Matchmaking sessions during the trade fair

Forthcoming Mission

  • BIOTECH Cluster SME Mission every year in October


  • ICT Cluster SME Mission every year in November


  • NANOTECH Cluster SME Mission every year in February