Medical Cluster City Sapporo

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Bio-industries an ever-growing bio-industry cluster: With its cool climate, abundant bio resources and concentration of universities and research institutions, Sapporo is blessed with regional characteristics suitable for the bio industry. Many bio industries are located in Hokkaido, especially in Sapporo, where many companies take part in the Hokkaido Bio Technology Industrial Cluster Forum, in which bio enterprises, universities and research institutions form a network to promote exchanges with businesses in Hokkaido and beyond. 

A highly productive labor force: When the soaring labor costs brought about by the economic growth in Asian countries and regions is considered, labor costs in Japan, where motivation and productivity are high, can be said to be of an appropriate standard. 

In a survey carried out by the European Commission (EU) in 2011, Hokkaido Bio Technology Industrial Cluster Forum was the only Asian cluster to be chosen among 16 distinctive bio clusters around the world. It was rated as a “mature-stage cluster”

ORGANISATION City of Sapporo
LOCATION Hokkaido pref. Sapporo city

Activity Description:

They support the R&D and commercialization, network construction with enterprises and universities, expand sales channels to domestic and overseas. In addition to this, they support for company invitation, and develop and operate a lab that can conduct biotechnology research.
Sapporo as a business base
--Low priced office rent --Compared with other major Asian cities, office rent prices in Sapporo are reasonable. 
--Low risk, high stability --Sapporo provides an environment in which risk management costs can be reduced, enabling companies to concentrate on business. A stable political and social environment in which patent infringement is rare, and in which strikes do not occur frequently. 

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