Tottori Bio Frontier 

Pharmaceutical, Platform Technology, Other


The human/mouse artificial chromosome vectors developed by world-leading chromosome engeneering technology in Tottori University take following advantage of features that are not found in the conventional vectors; (1) No limitation on the size of genes that can be loaded, (2) No integration into the host chromsome, (3) Accurate gene expression control, and (4) Long term stability, which can lead to multiple industrial applications such as production of humanized animal models for prediction of human drug metabolism,  animal models for human rare diseases (ex. Down Syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy), and fully human antibody-producing animals for biopharmaceuticals etc.

Activity Description:

"Tottori Bio Frontier" is a bio-incubation center with the latest research equipment promoting the world's most advanced chromosome engineering technology from Tottori University into industrial application toward multiple fields and supports commercialization with industry-academia-government-finance collaboration. Four University-originated bio-ventures and two companies from other areas are developing businesses using the world's cutting-edge chromosome engineering technology as an innovative tools that can be applied  in a wide range of fields, such as for drug discovery, drug discovery support tool, safety/toxicity evaluation system and for gene therapy/regenerative medicine.


ORGANISATION Tottori Industrial Promotion Organization

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