BNA Inc.

Looking for EU partners for a licensing agreement

KEY ACTIVITIES Research-use reagents including chemicals, nucleic acids, proteins, and antibodies
SECTOR: Life science
KEY WORDS: Bridged Nucleic Acids, Amidites, Oligos, Oligonucleotide

Company Activity Description:

BNA Inc. is specialized in manufacturing high quality Bridged Nucleic Acid (BNA) analogs. Since the company was found in 2008, it’s been developing and producing BNA analogs designed for oligonucleotide such as diagnostic reagents and nucleic acid based medicines.


Type of Partnership Sought:

1.Commercial agreement with technical assistance
2.License agreement
3.Research cooperation agreement

Additional information:

BNAs (Bridged Nucleic Acids) are high-functional artificial nucleic acid analogs. The oligonucleotides modified BNAs (BNA oligos) have exceptional properties in both the binding affinity to complementary sequences and the nuclease resistance. Therefore, BNA oligos are an indispensable tool for developing various diagnostic and therapeutic applications using oligonucleotide.

Our Products

1) BNA Amidites (BNANC(N-Me))

2) BNA Amidites (BNANC(N-H))

Inquiries related to BNAs and Ordering of BNA amidites

BNA Inc.

Ordering of BNA oligonucleotides

GeneDesign, Inc. (Japan)

Bio-Synthesis Inc. (USA)