chromocenter Inc.

Identification service of gene transfer position in CHO cells

KEY ACTIVITIES Biotechnology,Biopharmaceutical,Biosimilars,Cell bank
SECTOR: Biotechnology - Therapeutics and Diagnostics
KEY WORDS: Chromosome, CHO cell banks, monoclonality analysis
TYPE OF ACTIVITIES Analysis service provider

Company Activity Description:

The chromosome analysis service

to identify gene-integration sites in CHO cells

Their service has gotten favourable comments from customers from various countries. One of the good points is that the service has been featured in the FDA’s presentation.



  •   Monoclonality analysis of constructed CHO cell banks
  •   Confirmation of integrated genes in each CHO cell bank (e.g. MCB, WCB, and PPCB)


Type of Partnership Sought:

1.Services agreement
2.Technical cooperation agreement


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