Hamamatsu Pharma Research Inc.

Looking for EU partners for a services agreement

KEY ACTIVITIES Drug Discovery support and contract services
SECTOR: Medical Healthcare
KEY WORDS: Nonhuman primate disease models, Preclinical

Company Activity Description:

Hamamatsu Pharma Research is a Japan-based preclinical CRO.

The company offer rigorous preclinical efficacy evaluation in a nonhuman primate disease model of novel therapeutics prior to clinical testing.

The company also has an access to the state-of-art imaging facilities through an alliance with Hamamatsu University School of Medicine, and provides non-invasive in vivo imaging data as endpoints in customers’ studies.


Type of Partnership Sought:

1.Services agreement


Additional information:

Hamamatsu Pharma Research specializes in pharmacological efficacy studies using nonhuman primate disease models in the following therapeutic areas: pain, osteoarthritis, cerebral ischemia/stroke, ophthalmology, endometriosis, and gastroenterology.


As nonhuman primates are phylogenetically and physiologically more similar to humans than rodents, the company’s NHP efficacy models will help customers to obtain preclinical POC relevant and translatable to clinical efficacy, which potentially adds value to their current preclinical discovery programs.


Products & Service Stage Outline
1) NHP models for stroke, pain, endometriosis, and osteoarthritis commercially available Pharmacological efficacy study
2) NHP models for glaucoma, wet AMD and dry AMD. commercially available Pharmacological efficacy study
3) NHP models for IBD commercially available Pharmacological efficacy study

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