ID Pharma Co., Ltd.

Looking for EU partners for a licensing agreement

KEY ACTIVITIES Drug and drug discovery
SECTOR: Life science
KEY WORDS: Gene therapy, Regenerative medicine

Company Activity Description:

ID Pharma Co., Ltd. seeks business partners who desire to utilize ID Pharma’s proprietary Sendai Virus Vector technology in two major business domains: gene therapy and regenerative medicine.


Sendai Virus Vector technology is unique in the following properties:

1) integration free in genome of host cells;

2) transfectable to wide range of cell types; and

3) high and controllable expression.


ID Pharma also provides clients with opportunity to develop gene and cell therapy products using Sendai Virus Vector and the CytoTuneTM-iPS kit, a Sendai Virus Vector-based cell reprogramming kit.


ID Pharma’s  CytoTuneTM-iPS is capable of reprogramming mammalian cell to generate iPS cells with high efficiency. The kit, launched in 2010, has been used by many researchers around the world and contributed to the progress in cellular therapy and regenerative medicine.


Continuous efforts by ID Pharma recently resulted in the release of an improved version of the kit: CytoTuneTM-iPS2.0 with higher iPS cell induction efficiency and easier vector removal from the cells than the original version. In addition, a clinical grade kit was developed as CytoTuneTM-iPS 2.0LG and released in 2016, which is now commercially available worldwide.


By way of overcoming problems associated with the generation of iPS cells, the kit has acquired high reputation among researchers worldwide.  Its advantage includes 1) No chromosomal damage 2) Rapid clearance 3) Excellent reprogramming efficiency, and 4) Ease of Use.



Type of Partnership Sought:

1.License agreement


Additional information:

Products & Service Stage
1) CytoTuneTM-iPS reprogramming kit (for both Research Use Only and Clinical Use) Commercially available
2) License to CytoTune-iPS technology. negotiable
3) Contract manufacturing services for the generation of both clinical and research grade Sendai Virus Vectors available


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