iHeart Japan Corporation

Seeking EU partners to expand cardiomyocytes business

KEY ACTIVITIES Cardiac toxicity assay
SECTOR: Life science
KEY WORDS: Cardiomyocytes made from iPS cells
TYPE OF ACTIVITIES License or Co-sales

Company Activity Description:

iHeart Japan Corporation has high-quality human cardiomyocytes that are applicable to evaluate cardiac toxicity of drug candidates in vitro.

The company wants partner companies;

1)     who import frozen cardiomyocytes from Japan to Europe and sell them to pharmaceutical companies and CROs in Europe, and

2)     who shall be licensed to manufacture and sell such cardiomyocytes in EU.


Type of Partnership Sought:

1.Import-Export Commercial agreement
2.Manufacturing and Sales License agreement


Additional information:

Detail of partnership sought:

The base technology was originally invented by Kyoto University.

Products & Service




1) MiraCell-CM

on market in Japan

cardiomyocytes made from iPS cells


2) MiraCell-EC

on market in Japan

endothelial cells made from iPS cells



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