Kaken Pharmaceutical  Co., Ltd

Kaken is looking for a collaborative partner in dermatology, orthopedics and perioperative areas

KEY ACTIVITIES Pharmaceuticals, Medical devices
SECTOR: Pharmaceutical
KEY WORDS: Dermatology, Orthopedics, Perioperative, Niche
TYPE OF ACTIVITIES Research collaboration/ R&D cooperation / In/Out-licensing

Company Activity Description:


Medical Devices


Type of Partnership Sought:

1.Commercial agreement with technical assistance
2.License agreement
3.Research cooperation agreement


Additional information:

The origins of Kaken Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., can be traced back to the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (Riken), which was established in 1917. In 1948, the Company started its pharmaceutical business by developing a new way to manufacture penicillin utilizing Riken’s proprietary technologies. It has since broadened the scope of its business activities to include the manufacture and sales of drugs such as streptomycin, an antituberculosis drug, and various antifungal agents. Kaken specializes in the fields of orthopedics and dermatology. In the orthopedics field, we supply Artz, an anti-osteoarthritis drug, as well as various transdermal absorption-type anti-inflammatory analgesic patches. In the dermatology field, we offer Clenafin, a topical treatment for onychomycosis, and Fiblast Spray, a woundhealing drug. These products are widely used for the treatment of patients. In its R&D efforts, the Company focuses on themes in which it can effectively utilize its experience, technologies, and foundations, namely inflammation and allergies, fungal infection, pain relief, and the perioperative period. In 2001, the Company launched Fiblast Spray, a wound-healing product that contains a recombinant human basic Fibroblast Growth Factor (bFGF). This was the first drug in the world to contain bFGF. In 2014, Kaken launched Clenafin, a drug that contains efinaconazole, a compound discovered by Kaken, and is Japan’s first topical treatment for onychomycosis. More recently, Regroth, a medicinal product for periodontal regeneration that also contains bFGF, was released in 2016.


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