Looking for EU partners for a distribution services agreement

KEY ACTIVITIES Distribution services
SECTOR: Biotech & Life science / Pharmaceutical / Medical Healthcare/ Food
KEY WORDS: microfluidics, MEMS, nano-microfabrication, photolithography, optical, thin film

Company Activity Description:

Kyodo International have been offering nano-micro fabrication services for more than 30 years. Our expertise is based on semiconductor processing technologies such as sputtering, CVD, photolithography. We even implement cutting edge technology such as nanoimprinting. We have wide variety of successful customers in Biotechnology, Drug delivery, Medical, Sensors, IoT, MEMS, Semiconductor, Display etc.  Also, we have a functionality to perform as an importer and distributor of unique products and Intellectual properties. Thus, we are able to be the one stop shop for R&D sector.


Type of Partnership Sought:

1.Distribution service


Additional information:


Products & Service Stage Outline Milestone
1)MircoTAS/microfluidics fabrication services In Service Contract manufacturing of custom devices. To have capability of complete system integration 
2)Sputtering & Photolithography services In Service Wafer processing services for front-end. To penetrate into EU market (Academic/Industrial)
3)Nanoimprinting services In Service Processing and engineering services 1) To find potential customers and partners in EU. 1) Application development 


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