Momotaro Gene Inc.

Looking for EU partners for a  license agreement

KEY ACTIVITIES Drug and drug discovery
SECTOR: Biotech
KEY WORDS: Tumour, Cancer, Gene therapy

Company Activity Description:

Momotaro-Gene is the biotech start-up company from Okayama University whose main technology lies in tumour suppressor gene called REIC. 


In Japan, Momotaro-Gene licensed its product, Ad-SGE-REIC which comprises REIC component in adenoviral vector, and is now conducting Phase I for malignant mesothelioma. Also at Okayama University Hospital, doctor initiated clinical trial for liver cancer is ongoing. The company is in Phase II for prostate cancer in the US.


The company is now searching for EU partner interested to license their products.


Type of Partnership Sought:

1.License agreement


Additional information:

Momotaro-Gene is seeking pharmaceutical partners for its adenovirus vector REIC (Ad-REIC) gene therapy with cancer specific apoptosis and enhanced-immunity to various solid tumours for its US and EU right.


The company is also looking for a pharmaceutical partner for its REIC protein drug (Global right) which can enhance cancer immunology and down-regulate T-reg.


1) Ad-SGE-REIC Phase IIa for early prostate cancer
2) Ad-SGE-REIC Phase I for mesothiloma & liver cancer
3) REIC protein drug Pre-clinical


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