Okinawa Protein Tomography Ltd.  

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KEY ACTIVITIES Drug and drug discovery support and contract services
SECTOR: Biotech & Life science
KEY WORDS: Macromolecular imaging, Cryo EM, single particle, single molecule, molecular analysis, 3D molecular visualization

Company Activity Description:

Knowing the protein structure became crucial for life sciences these days. The new, unique technology called Protein Tomography enables effective drug discovery by revealing critical information at early stages of drug development. It allows visualization of protein tertiary structures at the individual, single molecule level in short time with high accuracy. Proteins that with conventional methods were unable to visualize, are now easily reconstructed with their service, Protein Tomography. The samples, first vitrified, are set in a sophisticated Cryo Electron Microscope called Titan Krios, where cross section images are taken. Next, the tomograms are aligned, creating three dimensional structure. The structure then is refined with specifically designed program called COMET (Constrained Maximum Entropy Tomography), which innovative algorithms enhance resolution, producing noise free reconstructions of target proteins.


Their technology allows imaging proteins in various states at the single molecule-level. The current resolution of a 3D image produced by this technique is approximately 15 A and the resolution is steadily improving. For decades, pharmaceutical companies have studied the structure of proteins on the surface of human cells to develop drugs that latch onto the proteins and block the entry of a virus or bacteria. The new technology also allows visualization of protein complexes and their dynamics, serving as an alternative solution to the study of biological samples that are difficult or impossible to crystallize.


The ultimate goal of imaging protein structures is to provide data for new drug design. By utilizing data obtained by the new technology at various stages of the drug development, pharmaceutical companies will be able to analyze drug candidates efficiently and effectively.


Type of Partnership Sought:

1.Commercial agreement
2.Distribution service


Biopharmaceutical companies involved in drug discovery and development, as well as academic and research institutions, are to benefit most from this innovative technology.


Their mission is to become the world leader covering all Cryo Electron Microscopy imaging services. To achieve this goal their staff is constantly improving their skills and knowledge, while daily operations on Titan Krios and Talos Arctica allow them to expand their experience.


It is very important for them that their customers are provided with the most accurate technology available in the world.


At this moment they are one of the few companies in the world that enables commercial users to have access the Cryo EM and the imaging technology without having a peer review required by the academic institutions.


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