OP Bio Factory Co., Ltd.

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KEY ACTIVITIES Drug Discovery support and contract services
SECTOR: Biotech & Life science
KEY WORDS: Bio-diversity, Library of natural materials

Company Activity Description:

OP BIO Factory Co., Ltd. is a unique bio venture located in Okinawa, the southernmost part of Japan an area rich of bio-diversity. Since its foundation in the company expanded its libraries on natural materials for seeds exploration for various applications in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food...

OP BIO Factory Co., Ltd. provides various libraries of materials, strains, extracts and chemicals, by using biological resources of marine organisms, plants, marine & land microorganisms, microalgae, and others... 

OP BIO Factory Co., Ltd. provides contract research services on various chemical/biological tests and analysis, as well as assays with cells and enzyme, gene expression profiling, metabolome analysis, etc…

The company can provide all or any steps for supply/construcion of libraries, compounds search and production, and raw materials supply.

Additionally, one of the company strengths stays at an establishment and/or an introduction of atypical assay systems and estimation, identification and structure determination through chemical analysis to meet with the customer’s needs.


Type of Partnership Sought:

1.Service agreement

Additional information:

OP Bio Factory expertise:



OP Bio Factory makes use of the expertise from specialists in collecting marine bioresources. Additionally, the company added libraries of plants and land microorganisms.  Recently, was added a service of supply of chemical libraries originated from natural substances, which have been collected from the universities in Japan.



The company platform (database and diversity analysis system) is used to eliminate duplication of compounds contained in natural products samples. Analysis is carried out in the shortest possible time to determine novel and known compounds. It enables to build and provide a natural products library with wide varieties of compounds.



A combination of relevant techniques and expertise on marine bioresources collection capabilities resulted in the establishment of the company own compound screening method related to natural products drug discovery. The conventional compound search method can be disruptive, so an innovation to this has become a core technology of the company research projects.


OP Bio Factory main 3 business target areas are:


(1) Supply and/or Construction of Libraries

OP Bio Factory provides diversified bio-resource libraries through collections (marine resources from all over Japan, and land bio-resources from Okinawa area) to its customers, who are planning a development of new pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and chemical products.


(2)Compounds Search

OP Bio Factory provides services through the seeds searches from its bio-resource libraries by using appropriate applications to meet customer's needs.


(3)Compounds Production and Raw Materials Supply

OP Bio Factory produces and supply the required raw materials to its customers, by reviewing the production processes for the identified seeds.


All above steps can be provided as one stop services and/or as topical step of the company activities to meet with customers’ needs; i.e. the materials collection => Libraries => Evaluation => Purification/Identification of compounds => Breeding/Cultivation => Supply of raw materials


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