Rhelixa Inc.

Looking for EU partners for a service agreement

KEY ACTIVITIES Drug Discovery support and contract services
SECTOR: Biotech & Life science
TYPE OF ACTIVITIES Services / Manufacturing

Company Activity Description:

Rhelixa, Inc. was founded by researchers who led a large-scale analysis project of genomic information (or epigenome-metagenomic information) in a specialized research institute.


Rhelixa, Inc. provides tailor-made solutions for all living things, based on integrated analysis of genome/epigenome data. The company is able to connect the data of the genome and epigenome, and is also capable of integrated analysis and product development with the epi-genome data by using its own genome analysis and editing technology.


Rhelixa, Inc. is looking for research partner who aims to develop new product using genome based researches.


Some application examples: cosmetics, soil fertilizers, animal and human illness such as obesity, arteriosclerosis …



Type of Partnership Sought:

1.Service agreement


Additional information:

Rhelixa, Inc. aims to develop new research, development and business, based on the following three policies:

1) Rhelixa, Inc. is will lead manufacturing based on genomics, and provide the society with individualized solutions for improving the quality of life.

2) Rhelixa, Inc. is can decode and express the genome information from a new perspective, and make "genome" more accessible for all people, by their own information analysis technology.

3) Rhelixa, Inc. is can decipher the genome information of any organism, apply the technology for the unknown life phenomena that exist in nature, and solve the problems and challenges faced by human society.


Products & Service Outline
1) development plan of metagenome Support from experiment design planning to data analysis / interpretation, publication of the thesis.
2) development plan of epigenome Support from experiment design planning to data analysis / interpretation, publication of the thesis.


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Contact details: 

EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation / info-eu@een-japan.eu