SetsuroTech Inc. 

Looking for EU partners for a service agreement

KEY ACTIVITIES Drug Discovery support and contract services
SECTOR: Life science
KEY WORDS: Genome editing, Animal eggs

Company Activity Description:

SetsuroTech Inc. is an innovative tech company for genome editing technologies of animal eggs such as mice and pig. The company has unique methods using electroporation technologies which is injecting CRISPR/Cas9 proteins to the eggs. This process will provide quicker results compared to other mRNA or vector using methods.


Furthermore the company technology is very simple and easy, so make it possible to reduce costs and waste of time. SetsuroTech Inc. can enhance contract services for raising laboratory animals and conducting animal testing.


Type of Partnership Sought:

1.Service agreement


Additional information:

SetsuroTech Inc. is the first service provider for genome edited animal eggs using the CRISPR/Cas system.

The genome edited animal egg portfolios are mice and pigs. If a customer needs to make one gene knock out mice, at the fastest rate SetsuroTech can provide the genome edited eggs in two weeks at very low costs (<5,000 USD).


Products & Service
1) knoc-out mice
2) knock-in mice
3) genome edited pig


Launch a CRO business (Liposome manufacturing service) using the iLiNP device by joint-venture basis.


Contact details: 

EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation /