Takara Bio Inc.

Looking for EU partners for a license agreement

KEY ACTIVITIES Drug and drug discovery
SECTOR: Biotech
KEY WORDS: Cell, Gene therapy
TYPE OF ACTIVITIES Research collaboration / Services

Company Activity Description:

Takara Bio is a public biotechnology company that develops, sells research reagents/tools and provides services for gene engineering and molecular biology, and develops cell and gene therapy products.

One of the area Takara Bio has been focusing on is cell and gene therapy business, including TCR/CAR-T gene therapy and oncolytic virus therapy (HF10) applying its proprietary technologies. Takara has been developing the above clinical projects by itself, but is looking for partner pharmaceutical companies which could jointly develop and commercialize these gene therapy products.


Type of Partnership Sought:

1.License agreement


Additional information:

Takara Bio products and services are:

(1) HF10: HF10 is and attenuated strain of the herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1) that exhibits antitumor activity when injected into tumors. It also enhance immunity to cancer cells, giving it promise as a means to prevent tumors from forming, even in regions where HF10 was not administered.

(2) Engineered T cell therapy: Takara Bio focuses on research and development of TCR gene therapy and clinical trials are currently underway for MAGE-A4/NY-ESO-1 antigen using siTCR. The siTCR technique minimizes the involvement of endogenous TCRs and allows for obtaining more lymphocytes that express the target TCR. This is thought to reduce the risk of side effects and improve effectiveness. We are also conducting Phase-1 CD19CAR clinical trial in Japan.

(3) CDMO services: Takara Bio is focused on expanding its CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization) business, which handles development and production support for regenerative medicines. At the core of these efforts is the company’s Center for Gene and Cell Processing. The facility conducts contracted vector production for gene transduction and contracted cell processing based on GCTP/GMP.


Products & Service Stage Outline Milestone
1) Oncolytic virus HF10 Clinical trials Spontaneous muntat strain of Herpes Simplex Virus type 1 Melaonoma:Ph.2 (JP)
Pancreatice cancer: Ph.1 (JP)
2) siTCR engineered T cell therapy Clinical trials Efficient exogenous TCR expression system with siRNA Synovial sarcoma: Ph.1 (JP)
3) CDMO services      

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