KOKEN Co.,Ltd.

A Japanese collagen manufacturer is looking for partners in Europe in terms of research and/or technical cooperation

KEY ACTIVITIES Biomedical Engineering / Cellular and Molecular Biology
SECTOR: Biotech / Medical
KEY WORDS: Atelocollagen scaffolds
TYPE OF ACTIVITIES Manufacturing / Research / R&D

Company Activity Description:

Koken is an atelocollagen manufacturer for medical and life science purposes. Their atelocollagen is highly recognised by researchers particularly who are focusing on development of clinical applications, including regenerative medicine (cell therapy) and oligonucleotide therapy.

Their over 30 years of experience in production of medical-grade atelocollagen for Japanese domestic market speaks for itself because they have managed to maintain lot-to-lot consistency, which is tremendous challenge for biomaterials manufacturer, especially for the one regulated by clinical standards.

Koken has spent many decades of time for developing innovative application of collagen especially in life science area and accumulated extensive know-how for fabricating various shaped collagen scaffolds.

They are also able to fabricate a virus-free sustained-release transfection reagent and a unique collagen sponge having cartilage like strength which can be used as in vitro arthritis model.

Type of Partnership Sought:

1.Research Cooperation agreement
2.Technical cooperation agreement


Additional information:

Atelocollagen for clinical development and basic research cooperation

Through research or technical cooperation agreement, potential partner would be evaluating and incorporating existing collagen product for three-dimensional (3D) culture, co-culture, transplantation and in vivo transfection for further research which could facilitate partner’s research and lead to industrial product development.


Alternatively, the potential partner would use the Japan-made collagen as a raw material for commercialisation of their developed product and/or creation of custom made collagen product from scratch together with them.


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