Bring innovative ideas to the market

Enterprise Europe Network freely offers tools and expertise to enable you to develop partnerships with businesses and researchers across Europe and abroad to bring innovative ideas to the market.
•    You have a technology to promote in new markets
•    You need a technology solution or know-how for your business

(Note for the attention of EU SMEs. This service is provided by the EEN Japan with support of local EU organisations member of the network. EU SMEs willing to submit business/technology profiles will be introduced to the most relevant local partners of their country)

Find appropriate partners

Depending on the cooperation types you are interested in, thanks to Enterprise Europe Network you can get access to many business opportunities:
•    Technology offers (actual high-tech Innovations)
•    Technology requests (cooperation requests)
•    R&D information and co-operation opportunities
Identify your technology need/potential, Enterprise Europe Network helps you to find the right partner.

The Technology Database

The Technology Database contains details of technologies/know-how on offer and applications for which new technology/expertise is required. It will allow you to find a potential partner (supplier or customer) at an appropriate level of development:
•    Development phase - laboratory tested
•    Available for demonstration - field tested
•    Already on the market

Be proactive in the promotion of new and innovative technologies

Each company or research institution offering or requesting an innovative technology has to fill in a technology profile submission form. Beside a short abstract and a more detailed description of the technology, further information is requested as follows:
•    Stage of development (for offers)
•    Type of cooperation sought (technical co-operation, joint venture, licence agreement, manufacturing agreement, commercial agreement with technical assistance)
•    Innovative aspects
•    Type of partner sought (e.g. industry, SME, R&D institute, multiplier, etc.)
•    Technical specifications (for requests)

Through the database, you can target specific countries and industry sectors.

How it works

EEN Japan can only accept profiles from Japanese companies. EU SMEs interested to submit a profile, please contact us first and we will introduce you to your relevant local EEN representative.

Send us the technology profile submission form filled in with your technology offer or request.

Once the technology profile is validated, it will be published without the company details in the online database as well as in the technology e-Alerts (via email), and be distributed to potential partners through the Network organisations in order to raise expressions of interest. 

Any feedback will be forwarded to you and contact details provided. Then you decide on the further steps with regard to the organisation(s) interested in your profile (email, phone or personal meetings).

Fill in and send us the technology profile submission form, we will be most happy to start the support process. The service is completely free of charge, look at the commitment agreement.

Technology OFFER:

If your company wants to offer its know-how/expertise, develops a technology or an innovation and wishes to make it available to end-users abroad in order to carry out a technology transfer.

Fill in the technology offer form.

Technology REQUEST:

If your company needs to solve a problem it has encountered, or needs to find one or several partner(s) who will transfer the technology or know-how needed.

Fill in the technology request form.

To select the areas and application market matching your interests, you can also download the following documents :
•    Technology Keywords
•    Application Market Codes

Stay informed

The BBS database is updated with new profiles on a weekly basis. Subscribe free to the Technology e-Alert service to stay up-to-date with the newest technologies. You will then automatically receive the latest technologically innovative offers and requests matching the keywords you have chosen.

Brokerage events and company missions

Showcase your technology at matchmaking events in your activity sector and meet potential partners.
Enterprise Europe Network organises pre-arranged bilateral meetings based on technology profiles published in an on-line catalogue. Participants choose in advance the profiles they are interested in and receive their correspondent meeting schedule before the event.
View the Calendar of all partnering events organised by the Enterprise Europe Network.