Brokerage Events

The Enterprise Europe Network brokerage events take place within the framework of fairs, conferences or other business-related events. They enable exhibitors and visitors to make appointments for pre-arranged meetings with other participants prior to the actual event. 
Based on the online registration of cooperation profiles (offers and requests), participants can obtain information in advance and select their meeting partner from the online catalogue. The individual meeting schedules are set up before the event and they are sent to the participants via e-mail.

Next events

A selection of current brokerage events is available in our news & events section. We will be glad to help you with your registration or in developing a high-quality profile.


The EU-Japan Centre organises seminars held both in Japan and in the European Union and focused on current topics, business and policy issues, concerning the industries in both regions.

Following Priorities

  • Climate Change, Energy, Environment
  • Trade & Investment
  • Industrial Policy

Within the framework of its information service and business support, the Centre also organises:

  • EU Policy seminars
    EU Policy seminars are organised with the cooperation of the European Commission and are mainly aimed at Japanese companies operating in Europe and relevant experts from the European Commission and from private industry to present and discuss different EU policies.
  • Intercultural management workshops
    Joint managerial workshop designed for Japanese and/or European managers to discuss ways to improve communication and intercultural management issues in the workplace.
  • FP7 collaboration seminars and workshops
    To promote Japanese participation in FP7 the EU-Japan Centre organises awareness raising activities in Japan to share best practices and address issues affecting the participation of Japanese organisations in the FP7.

Managerial training courses in Japan

The EU-Japan Centre organises business training programmes in order to provide EU SMEs with basic information on the Japanese market and provide them opportunity to meet potential partners.

Five to seven times a year a group of some 15 to 20 business managers from companies in EU Member States follow training courses in Japan for a duration of one to five weeks. These courses are financed by the European Commission.
Whether training courses for managers or work placements for students in engineering and science, all the business support activities organised by the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation are aimed at improving cooperation between the EU and Japan.

Former participant's testimonial

 “For entrepreneurs and managers genuinely committed to the long-term quality of their businesses, Japan is the ideal partner. The demand for quality is so high and so embedded in people's culture that cooperation with the Japanese may be challenging. To work with Japan, intercultural communication is the key. The "Japan Industry Insight" course gave me a unique opportunity to enhance my understanding of the "Japanese way", not just by learning about the Japanese but, above all, by living with the Japanese.

I am grateful to the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation that, through the "Japan Industry Insight" course lectures, networking and company visits, my judgment of Japan as an invaluable source of industrial culture and innovation, also at the SME level, was strengthened. There is a huge potential for cooperation in many sectors between Japanese and European SMEs with intercultural management skills. I hope my company will be among them".

Giorgio Possio - Chairman and CEO - SPESSO GASKETS srl - Italy

Cluster Mission (1 week)

The missions last 5 days and are composed of market-specific business seminars, group company visits, one-on-one meetings at a targeted trade fair with showcase and networking events to maximize opportunities for the EU participants. In addition, the missions provide EU clusters the opportunity to benchmark with the Japanese ones during a dedicated cluster session.

The mission is targeted to EU clusters and their SMEs' members working in the targeted sector.

World Class Manufacturing (1 week) - WCM

Designed for business people in charge of production or quality. Analysis of key Japanese business practices & manufacturing methods. Includes visits to some of the world's most advanced factories.

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