19 April, 2018 - 09:00

EENパートナーであるZenit主催のカンファレンス・ワークショップ・マッチメイキングイベント「Earth Observation & Copernicus Technologies and Solutions for User Applications」が開催されます。


このイベントの焦点となる分野は再生可能エネルギー、エネルギー経済、海洋テクノロジー、鉱山/ 鉱業、農業/森林業、アーバンモニタリング/スマートシティです。


登録Website: https://eo-copernicus-userapplication-2018.b2match.io/


The confernece, workshop and matchmaking event titled "Earth Observation & Copernicus Technologies and Solutions for User Applications" is organized by EEN partner Zenit.

The event is planned as a marketplace that will enable knowledge transfer between technology experts, service providers and manufacturers as well as users from selected application fields. The goal is to stimulate the development and marketing of new “Copernicus”-related products, services and solutions.

Application fields at the focus of the event will be renewable energies/energy economy, maritime technologies, mining/post-mining, agriculture/forestry and urban monitoring/smart cities.

Registration deadline: 16 April 2018

Registration website: https://eo-copernicus-userapplication-2018.b2match.io/

Bochum, Germany