5 February, 2021
Country of origin: 
Sector/Main field of activity: 
Food & Drink
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Type of request: 
Type of Partnership: 
Partnership type sought: 
Commercial agreement with technical assistance
License agreement
Research cooperation agreement
Technical cooperation agreement

This Japanese company specialized in plastic products manufacturing with over a century of history is looking for partners in the EU. The company produces various plastic products with their blow moulding technology and its clients are generally in the automobile, food, medical, cosmetic, housing, and other similar industries.

The company would like to engage in a technological partnership with an EU partner to improve the usability of their bottles and provide additional value for consumers.

Specifically, the technology sought by the Japanese company is a bottle cap that can function as a measuring or weighing tool.

Although not as high of a priority as the cap, the company is also interested in various technologies that tackle the issue of food loss and other packaging-related technologies.

Please see below pdf for more details.

Contact details: 
EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation / info-eu@een-japan.eu