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What is Enterprise Europe Network

Funded by the European Commission and with over 600 partner organisations located in more than 60 countries, the ENTERPRISE EUROPE NETWORK (EEN) is the largest NETWORK of support organisations providing information and support services for EU SMEs in the fields of international business cooperation, innovation, knowledge and technology transfer and cooperation in EU-funded research programmes.
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Your NETWORK Partner for Japan

If your SME is committed to enter in or expand into Japan, the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation will team up with organisations in your region that are members of ENTERPRISE EUROPE NETWORK) in order to provide free support to help your SME internationalise.

Your NETWORK Partner in your region

To find your closest support organisation member of the NETWORK, look at this link and send us the organisation name of your choice.
When identified, the Centre will introduce your company to this local support organisation in order to start the support process.
For more information or a specific enquiry, feel free to contact the EU-Japan Centre.

Looking for a partner in Japan

Future Events

B2B events and seminars held or co-organized by the EU-Japan Center for Industrial Cooperation and European EEN partners.

Japanese Food and Beverage Days 2022

The EU-Japan Centre is organizing the second “Japanese Food and Beverage Days” online matching event for European companies interested in Japanese food and beverages.  Over a one-week period from 15-18 February 2021, EU participants will be able to discuss with Japanese suppliers. The B2B platform includes an integrated messaging and video call meeting function, and buyers will benefit from a dedicated support by a bilingual team and personal interpreters for all their meetings if necessary. Participation is free of charge.  Eligibility Participants must be importers, distributors wholesalers or retailers in the EU interested in selling Japanese food or beverages, or must be a manufacturing or sales company based in Japan in the food and beverages field. (Individuals are not eligible to apply). Registrants will be assessed before being validated.  Examples of target areas (based on EU buyers' requests, not limited to the following) Food products • Canned foods, preserved foods • Confectionery, Japanese sweets, chocolate, jam • Dairy products • Delicatessen, specialty foods, dried foods, seasonings • Diet/Children/Healthy foods • Gluten-free • Fine Foods • Organic Products • Pastries, Cakes, Biscuits Beverages • Japanese sake • Shochu • Awamori • Others • Wine • Beer • Fruit & Vegetable Juice • Organic drinks • Tea, Coffee, Japanese Tea  Registrations are open until the 8 February 2021 at below website. 

Success stories

Latest success stories of EU and Japanese companies supported by the EU-Japan Centre (In Japanese)

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